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Third-party marketing and product development

For Financial Advisors

HRC Group specializes in providing access to differentiated mutual funds, interval funds, and separate account strategies designed to help financial advisors and wealth managers at independent RIAs, independent broker/dealers and major wirehouses meet the challenges of today’s market environment.

Through our wide range of contacts in the industry, HRC has a keen perspective not only on existing allocations but also on identifying emerging investment strategies. We are valued by our financial advisors as a resource in identifying and bringing to market asset managers and strategies that fulfill un-served or underserved client portfolio needs.

Third–Party Marketing for Investment Managers

For investment managers—whether it be an existing mutual fund, closed-end interval fund, separately managed account, or proposed traditional closed-end fund offering—utilizing HRC as a partner can provide a solution to an investment advisor’s marketing needs. With a dedicated sales force, HRC has the market reach and established relationships to deliver access to the major wirehouses, independent broker-dealers, and RIA channels.

Our proven track record and experience of product introductions can provide managers credibility and acceptance not only with financial advisors but also with platform gatekeepers.

HRC’s marketing and sales teams consist of regional external and internal sales teams, and a dedicated national accounts team. HRC has over 15,000 financial advisors as current clients

HRC specializes in selling and servicing mutual funds, closed-end funds, private funds, and separately managed accounts (SMA) wrap and dual contract products to the major wirehouses and RIA brokerage channels. These services are provided through HRC Fund Associates, LLC, and HRC Portfolio Solutions, LLC.

Mutual Funds

We have diverse and versatile experience selling different products and investment themes to a multitude of funds representing a variety of investment strategies.

Proprietary Sales Force
HRC Group’s marketing and sales teams consist of dedicated national accounts personnel as well as external and internal sales teams. All external sales personnel are experienced, licensed, full-time employees of HRC Fund Associates.

Extensive Distribution
Our extensive relationships with platform gatekeepers have helped several of our partners obtain not only platform approval but also recommended status and platform model allocations.

Deep Understanding
We understand the mutual fund sale, the financial advisors, and the platforms. We also have a deep knowledge of the hierarchies and structures from the platform level to the branch office. With thousands of one-on-one meetings with financial advisors each year, we are constantly in touch with the demands and needs of the financial advisor

Closed-end Interval Funds

Closed-end Interval funds require a specific knowledge set and a highly focused sales process. Through our successes in the sale of other investment products, HRC has obtained a large and diverse network of financial advisors and platform executives. This network has enabled HRC Fund Associates to successfully enter the closed-end interval fund space.

Product Development

Mutual fund and closed-end fund new product development are the purview of HRC Affiliates, registered investment advisors, Liberty Street Advisors, Inc. The Liberty Street Funds are part of the Investment Managers Series Trust. Liberty Street brings expertise to mutual fund creation, management, and ongoing supervision—which allows our sub-advisors to focus on their core competency, managing assets and implementing their investment strategy.

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