Investment Strategies
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Investment managers

HRC Group specializes in bringing investment products and services to the financial industry’s investment advisors, institutions, and consultants.

HRC represents a carefully selected group of investment managers across the asset allocation spectrum. Through our wide range of contacts in the industry, HRC has a keen perspective not only on existing allocations but also on identifying emerging investment strategies. We are valued by our clients as a resource to identify asset managers within specific areas of interest.

HRC Fund Associates and/or HRC Portfolio Solutions provides marketing for these firms and their investment products exclusively or at select distribution platforms. Our investment managers include:

ATAC Funds

Rotates offensively or defensively based on historically proven leading indicators of volatility.

Braddock Financial

Focuses on the asset-backed debt of fixed
income assets.

Chilton Capital Management

Concentrates on the public Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) sector.

Horizon Kinetics

Looks for investment opportunities in all sectors and across the capital structure.

The Private Shares Fund
Invests in private late-stage venture-backed growth companies.
Robinson Capital

Focuses on municipal and corporate debt through closed-end funds.

Securian Asset Management

Specializes in equity, fixed income, and balanced stabilization strategies. 

Separately Managed Accounts

Chilton Capital Management