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HRC Group specializes in bringing investment products and services to the financial industry’s investment advisors, institutions, and consultants.

HRC represents a carefully selected group of investment managers across the asset allocation spectrum. Through our wide range of contacts in the industry, HRC has a keen perspective not only on existing allocations but also on identifying emerging investment strategies. We are valued by our clients as a resource to identify asset managers within specific areas of interest.

HRC Fund Associates and/or HRC Portfolio Solutions provides marketing for these firms and their investment products exclusively or at select distribution platforms. Our investment managers include:

Braddock Financial

Focuses on the asset-backed debt of fixed
income assets.

Chilton Capital Management

Concentrates on the public Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) sector.

ATAC Funds

Created the only regulator-licensed diamond commodity.

Horizon Kinetics

Looks for investment opportunities in all sectors and across the capital structure.

The Private Shares Fund
Invests in private late-stage venture-backed growth companies.
Robinson Capital

Focuses on municipal and corporate debt through closed-end funds.

Separately Managed Accounts

Chilton Capital Management

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