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About Us

HRC Group specializes in bringing investment products and services to the financial industry’s investment advisors, institutions and consultants. Founded in 2003, HRC represents a carefully selected group of money managers across the asset allocation spectrum. Through our wide range of contacts in the industry, HRC has a keen perspective not only on existing allocations but also on identifying emerging investment strategies. We are valued by our clients as a resource to identify asset managers within specific areas of interest.

HRC acts as a resource for professional advisors and consultants to locate and retain carefully selected asset managers. The firm was originally established to provide third party marketing and sales assistance to private investment managers. Unlike most third party marketers, HRC does not require retainers or other fixed investments from its asset management partners. HRC covers the cost of marketing in exchange for a percentage of the revenue created. In this role the firm has introduced over $15 billion, but more importantly, has decided to focus on asset retention in addition to asset gathering. To meet the demand of our existing Financial Advisor client base, we represent a variety of financial products through these divisions and affiliates: 

HRC Portfolio Solutions LLC: HRC Portfolio Solutions is the division of HRC focused on sales and marketing for Separately Managed Account Strategies for third-party asset managers.

HRC Fund Associates LLC Member FINRA/SIPC: HRC Fund Associates is the division of HRC that acts as a Sales/Marketing Agent for Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Fund of Funds, and other alternative investment products.

Liberty Street Advisors, Inc.:  Affiliate Liberty Street Advisors, Inc. provides supervisory investment advisory services for mutual funds which are sub-advised by third-party asset managers.


Marketing & Servicing

HRC Portfolio Solutions, LLC and HRC Fund Associates, LLC are marketing and servicing focused organizations. We have relationships with over 125 of the Barron’s “Top 500 Financial Advisors” list. Our client base includes larger “corner office” advisors who may be good candidates for alternative investment products.

Strong Manager Selection

We represent only a limited number of non-competing money managers, and take great care in selecting the products we represent. All of our partners share the following characteristics:

  • A Proven Track Record
  • A Commitment to Growth
  • High Service Standards and A Client Focus